August 10, 2022

Simplyhealth Canine Run – ENTER NOW!

Canine Run


For the first time, Simplyhealth Great South Run is hosting the inaugural Canine Run – a 2.5km race for you and the your dog! And what is more, Britain’s top middle distance runner – and recently qualified vet – Laura Muir is urging you and your dog to get involved in this inaugural race and initiative to keep your canine fit and healthy.

What is it?

The Canine Run is a 2.5km race for 100 dogs and their owners. Sadly this isn’t a race of dog against man, but rather a joint effort from both dog and their owner against the other competing duos.

The entrance fee for the race is £15, but with only 100 spaces available, you need to get signed up soon!

The race is set to be held at 09:00 on Saturday 20th October alongside the Simplyhealth Great South 5km, Junior and Mini Great South Run races. It also precedes the main event held on Sunday 21st October which is the Simplyhealth Great South 10 miler, one of the main events in the Great Run series which is annually held on the Southsea seafront, finishing along Clarence Esplanade.

Why should you (and your dog) get involved with the Simplyhealth Canine Run?

Running alongside your dog has been done for as long as dogs have been pets. It is now not uncommon to see a variety of breeds doing their best to beat their human owner in local Parkruns. Now that the Simplyhealth Great South Run has incorporated the Canine Run into their weekend schedule, you can try your hand (or paw) at an official dog and owner race.

Each dog will be rewarded with a collar and a treat for completing the race, whilst the lucky owner will also get a Canine Run t-shirt.

There will also be a separate, special dog-only area in the event village for your dog to meet and make new doggy friends.

Tips on how to prepare for the Simplyhealth Canine Run

  • Consult your vet ahead of starting your training plan
  • Tailor your exercise to what is suitable for the breed/age/health status of your dog
  • Like humans training for a long run, a dog’s fitness also grows steadily. So build up to the distance.
  • If new to running the dog should be trained to walk nicely on a lead then build up to running via brisk walking and jogging.
  • Use a relatively short lead and make sure your dog stays close to you and doesn’t run into the road or other people.
  • Owners should always make sure their dogs are hydrated.
  • Avoid hot weather. Dogs still need their exercise when it is warm but they can easily overheat so plan your exercise for early morning or late evening when it cools down.
  • And if it is especially hot take care of their paws and avoid tarmac

A final word from Laura Muir…

Canine runLaura Muir promoting the Canine Run

“I am thrilled to be part of the very first Simplyhealth Canine Run. As well as being a runner I recently qualified as a vet and know how important it is to keep dogs fit and healthy. It’s vital that dogs get plenty of safe and fun exercise with their owners and for some breeds changing the usual walk to a run can be a really positive sensory experience. It can really help to increase the bond between pet and owner but you should always check with your vet first to make sure the training plan is suitable.”

To find out more information about the Simplyhealth Canine Run and to enter, click below.

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