August 10, 2022

Nike Zoom Victory 3 – Release Date

After there being great speculation over when the new line of Nike Unlimited spikes and shoes are to be released, an official date is now known.

The Nike ‘Unlimited‘ collection – including the highly anticipated Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes – will be released to the public on the 4th August 2016.

The current Zoom Victory 2 spikes can be bought here.

This release date comes after an event in London with some of Britain’s top runners. This event, branded as ‘Unlimited London‘ was a promotional event through the streets of London, where the public were able to walk alongside 20 of Team GB’s Olympic athletics team.

The walk finished at NikeTown where promotional work for athletes continued. Pictured: Tom Farrell, Charlie Grice and CJ Ujah

There was a stand at the back of the ground floor of the building displaying some of the new Unlimited range. On this stand it was clearly stated that the release date will be the 4th August. This is the date given on the stand but there are also other rumours from Nike employees that this date is only for the trainers and racing flats, whereas the spikes may still not be available until September/ October.

The stand here is labelled for the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 spikes, however it is obvious that these are not pictured and the spikes here are in fact the Superbly Elite’s.

Read more about the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes here.

Read more about the Nike Unlimited range here.

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