June 30, 2022

Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock Review

For this review, Runderwear kindly provided me with one of their products, the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock. As a result I have been able to test and try out the product to give my opinion.

Runderwear also provided me with the Runderwear Men’s Brief for my other review of this product which you can view here.

What is Runderwear?

Runderwear is a company which specialises in making seamless, comfortable and anti-chafe underwear. These products are all made of a special, moisture wicking fabric ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable whilst running.

Given the name, Runderwear obviously specialise in underwear products – both pants and socks (for this review I am going to be focussing on the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock). With this small, specialist product line, Runderwear have been able to focus and create excellent products for this niche running underwear market.

Runderwear Sock Technology

Double layer system prevents blisters

As with the rest of the underwear line of products from Runderwear, the emphasis is put upon anti-chafe and anti-rub technology which is the same with the Anti Blister Ankle Sock.

This is especially important with the socks worn when running so to avoid any rubbing or blisters forming on the sole of the foot.

With the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock, they use a double layered system which means the two layers of the sock rub against one another rather than the sole of your foot rubbing against the sock causing a blister.

The other great benefit of these Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock is that the materials which have been used are especially breathable meaning the fabrics have tiny holes allowing the foot to stay dry with sweat being wicked away easily. This leaves the foot dry and helps to avoid blisters through the technology ensuring the skin doesn’t either rub or become damp.

Fit and Feel

The size guide for the socks works on the same shoe size basis as all socks do, with Runderwear providing both a small medium and large option which run accordingly with this size guide:

I wear a UK size 8.5, meeting the upper boundary of a medium. I was provided with a medium sized sock and it fitted perfectly without being too tight whatsoever due to the soft material stretching to fit the foot.

What I found great about these socks over other running socks was the fact that they continued the seamless trend of the Runderwear product line. This meant that there were no large seams at the end of the foot which end up rubbing and contributing to an uncomfortable fit.

Having socks which are too loose also contribute to slipping and rubbing causing irritation, but the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock have lycra arch support which holds the sock in place around the foot gripping it in place to stop it slipping. I found this to work really well as the inner lining would hold the foot and do the rubbing against the outer layer instead if the foot.

The final thing which I liked about the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock was the cushioned forefoot and heel which were made out of a slightly thicker material. This helped especially on longer runs, absorbing more of the impact.


Having worn the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock for the last couple of weeks on a range of runs from the track to muddy hills and I have loved the feel throughout.

Runderwear have done an excellent job of making a fully anti blister sock and I have not felt any rubbing myself and no blisters have formed, even when the sock has become wet in the rain. Even when it has been wet the sock’s properties allow it to dry out quickly and not become heavy.

The Anti Blister Ankle Sock comes up quite high on the ankle as it is designed to do so, gripping and keeping the ankle warm. But also, I feel like this high ankle also is beneficial in the way that it avoids slipping down the foot as many no show socks tend to do, resulting in the back of the shoe digging into the heel. Despite saying this, it may also be nice to see a slightly lower cut ankle sock as well as this higher version in the future.

Comfortable, well fitting and blister free socks

Coming in at £12.00 ($14.82) the Runderwear Anti Blister Ankle Sock is a competitive and complete anti blisters running sock, providing all the comfort the you could ever want whilst running in any conditions, over any distances.

Thank you for reading and I hope this review has been helpful!

Runderwear products are available to buy on both Amazon and www.runderwear.co.uk

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