June 30, 2022

Nike Shield Light Jacket Review

The Nike Shield Light Jacket is one of Nike’s best protective jackets and can be worn in all conditions and during all types of running. Nike are certainly one of the most renowned sportswear companies in the world. From Basketball to Football, from Golf to Running, Nike is easily recognised everywhere you look by their trademark ‘Swoosh,’ the term coined by the company’s founder, Phil Knight.

Having started primarily as a footwear company, Nike has since established itself as a dominant force in the clothing market. Now with their clothing line being one of its highest profiting products, Nike investing large amounts of money into research and development to make their products continuously to the highest standard.

Nike Shield Light

With the Nike Shield Light Jacket, this is no exception. This is a lightweight, sleek jacket that helps protect from the elements whilst you’re on the run. There are two very similar jackets sold by Nike, one being the Shield and the other being the Nike Shield Light.

The Nike Shield Light jacket is a more lightweight version of the heavier Nike Shield. However, this gives great versatility as it can be worn whilst running over longer periods of time allowing for ventilation and the ability to wear the jacket in a range of conditions.

The Nike Shield Light worn with multiple layers

I have also found that with the Nike Shield Light jacket being so lightweight, you are able to wear it over other layers which are underneath, meaning it can be worn in multiple situations.

Protection against the elements

There are multiple materials which make up the jacket with the lightweight, thinner material comprising the majority of the back and underside of the arm sections. This is good as it allows great breathability and sweat absorption. For the upper and front of the jacket, Nike have used their own Storm-FIT material which has a lovely feel to it, allowing it to be water and wind resistant.

Breathable mesh at the back

Having worn this coat in various conditions including some very cold nights, it certainly lives up to its name when protecting from the wind – especially if you’re wearing other layers beneath. The Storm-FIT provides a strong outer layer, whilst the inner mesh adds extra insulation keeping you warm on the coldest of nights.

A slight disappointment is that the jacket isn’t fully waterproofed, however this is not the intention. The Nike Shield jacket provides this extra coverage but comes at a higher price and is significantly thicker, making the Nike Shield Light a more versatile option. Despite saying this, the Nike Shield Light provides water resistant coverage to the elements meaning that it still doesn’t let all the water through and reflects most of it off.

Another nice feature which Nike have included in most of their jackets is the hood. This is a ‘scuba’ hood which provides good coverage whilst you’re still able to see. Along with this hood giving good protection to the elements, Nike have engineered it to be removable, meaning you can take it off with ease if you want to run with more freedom.


An important feature for these Shield jackets from Nike is the ability to wear them out at night in the dark. This comes down to the colour, but there are also some nice reflective features which improve visibility.

The Nike Shield Light jacket which I ordered came from the Nike Oregon Project website. This gives specific Oregon Project logos and printing which adds a nice bit of personalisation. However, these additions sadly aren’t of the same fully reflective material which they use for the Nike swoosh.

Nike Oregon Project version

On the specific colour that I got, Nike have added volt yellow zips which add extra visibility along with giving the et Black colour of the jacket some extra stand out features. The main zip on the front of the jacket however is in black whilst also does sometimes cause some problems as it is a dual zip system (one at the top and bottom allowing it to open up) meaning the zip can come undone when not connected properly.

The Nike Shield Light Jacket is an excellent, versatile running jacket. You can wear it in almost all conditions, with other layers whilst being protected from the wind and rain, whilst also being free to move due to its lightweight design.

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