September 30, 2022

Nike Oregon Project Clothing

Nike Oregon Project Clothing is a selection of rare Nike products which are branded with Nike distance project the ‘Oregon Project’ logo.

I purchased a couple of items off the Nike Oregon Project website last summer. This Nike website offers an array of various items of clothing, all strongly brandishing the now well known Skull logo which is ever present upon all gear worn by its members. This is one of the very few opportunities for amateur runners like myself have access to the types of limited, elite clothing which is worn by the sponsored athletes.

I have also recently bought some more products of the Nike Shield Light jacket, along with the long sleeve zip top.

The selection of clothing available off the Nike Oregon Project Website
The selection of clothing available off the Nike Oregon Project Website

I have purchased three items off the website despite having a large, unexpected import duty bill due to living in the UK. Which the exchange rates being so good, I seemed to get a very good deal for what I bought in the Nike Zoom Victory 2 spikes, a Half Zip Element top and an Oregon Racer T-Shirt. All of these have served very well, and I especially like the fit of the shirt and is often my go to shirt for training. Along with this – as mentioned in another post – the spikes are great and fit their job perfectly, even if there has been a small amount of discolouring over the moulded flawier structure towards the back over the past year.

Oregon Project clothing purchased from Nike
Oregon Project clothing purchased from Nike


Nike Zoom Victory 2 - Oregon Project Spikes
Nike Zoom Victory 2 – Oregon Project Spikes

However, I seem to have been left in an awkward situation as a result of the doping allegations made against the Salazar camp. This would also be the case for many others who have too purchased similar items, along with some calls for those competing athletes – such as Centrowitz, Cain and Moser in the New York Diamond League – to effectively boycott the organisation in an attempt to show support for the allegations against Salazar. I am still unsure to whether it would been seen as support for those accused if I continued to race and train in heavily branded items or not and maybe Would it be seen for me to be associating myself with those who supposedly cheat and use immoral methods too?

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