June 30, 2022

Nike Dri-Fit Speed Trouser Review

Having this blog primarily based around sports technology and equipment, I have also decided to do a range of reviews on clothing as well.

Recently, I looked into get new tracksuit bottoms which would get lots of use throughout the winter in the cold weather. The best bet seemed to be Nike Dri-Fit Speed trousers so went to get them from the Nike store in London, allowing me to try out sizes (although they are available at Amazon too)


I am just under 6ft and quite skinny, but found the medium fitted very well. They might have been a little loose around the waist but this is easily adjustable. In terms of length however, they work perfectly, tapering off towards the end making them fit very well.

The material from which they have been made is definitely better than any other I have seen used before in this style of trouser. It is slightly elastic, giving them a bit of give and stretch allowing free movement. This quality is definitely one of the best feature, allowing you to use the for a range of activities, you have the freedom to run and do sessions in them f it is cold without the feeling that they are too tight.

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As well as being comfortable and allow you to move freely, they have held up very well in the cold conditions. I have worn them when it has been near freezing and have had no issues being cold whatsoever, being in fact, nice to wear have a very soft lining.

The material is not waterproof but they have seemed fine, keeping me warm when there is light rain. But one upside is that they do dry out very quickly and don’t stain from any water.


What I really like about them is the way in which they tapered towards the end, not flaring up and getting in the way when running. However, this also brings the only downside to these trousers. With the zips down the side coming up to just above the knee, you cannot always get enough give in the lower leg section to get them off over big trainers. This has only ever been a problem when wearing built up shoes but still can be quite annoying and make them hard to get off quickly.

Overall, they have been an excellent buy. They have fitted well, been durable and very comfortable. I would recommend getting a size which gives you a bit more leg room rather than being tight around the waist, but other than that they have been excellent. From having pockets large enough for a phone to reflective actions allowing you to wear them at night.

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