September 30, 2022

Garmin Forerunner 230/ 235 Colours and Band Replacement

With the Garmin Forerunner 235/ 230 models recently being released late last year, a few accessories have started to become available, including band replacements.

The initial colours released for the Forerunner 235 (wrist based heart rate model) were not the best in my opinion, missing out on the opportunity of rolling out a greater range.

You can purchase the Forerunner 235 from Amazon here.

Apple were one of the first big brands to introduce the idea of mass customisation to their Apple Watch, offering customers the ability to pick and choose what style and bands to go for. This is something I feel Garmin have introduced to some brands such as the Fenix models, but not to all ranges which is disappointing, missing a potential large market.

Alternative Garmin Forerunner 235 Colours

This was similar with other watches such as the Forerunner 225, where a better range of colours were offered in various countries. The same has happened with the 230/ 235 range where other colours such as ‘Larva Red’ and ‘Solar Flare’ have been released in other countries like India, shown here on Garmin’s website.

Other Forerunner 235 colours available
Other Forerunner 235 colours available

As well as the there colours available in various countries, there was one other limited addition colour  of the 235. This was released with Nike as a Nike+ watch, taking a black and yellow colour scheme.


Forerunner 230/ 235 Band Replacement

Despite there being a fairly monotone variety of colours available in the UK and US of the Forerunner 235, the 230 offers better colours such as ‘Purple Strike’ and ‘Force Yellow.’ Subsequently, a variety of replacement watch straps have become available from Garmin and a third party seller of FitnessDigital.

This means that some level of customisation is now available. I proceeded to purchase one of these bands, (the Force Yellow colour) the same one which is available on the 230 model. With the 230 and 235 models being identical barring the optical heart rate, the bands would fit on either watch. Therefore, this band which would have been originally intended for the 230, would work perfectly on the 235.

You can now also buy the various coloured bands off Amazon:

With the band arriving two days after ordering from FitnessDigitial, I proceeded to replace the old plain black band with the bright yellow one.


Here is also a video on how to replace the bands which is very simple.

The new band easily slots into place and feels identical to the previous one, if a bit stiffer as it is new. Personally I much prefer this colour scheme and makes the watch just a  bit different to the normal plain black watches which you will see everyone else wearing.


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