June 30, 2022

2017 Elite Athletics Kit

2017 Elite Athletics Kit

Year upon year the hype and anticipation grows amongst athletics fans surrounding the Elite Athletics Kit worn by the pros. Whether it be New Balance, Adidas or Nike all companies are after that next stand out singlet which gives them the defining, identifiable edge on the track.

The inevitable aim – whilst always trying to look good – is for the kit to stand out and promote the companies through the medium of their sponsored athletes who wear it. The top companies explore various different ideas each year looking for that one pattern or colour which attracts the most attention.

Nike have been infamous in this area when it comes to colour schemes. Especially with their spikes where they adopted the ‘Unlimited Colourway’ for the 2016 Rio Olympics, a follow up to the volt yellow spikes which were seemingly worn by all. This distinctive bright colour scheme was easily distinguishable both on TV and in person and has not gone unnoticed by other companies.

New Balance

2017 Elite Athletics Kit

The 2017 Elite Athletics kit from New Balance is boldly sporting bright yellow shorts. Something different from the generic status quo of black which most brands tend to adopt, yet an exciting change which had undoubtedly been adopted with rapturous support and media from those athletes who wear them, such as top British 5,000m runner, Andy Butchart.

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From the perspective of the racing singlet, New Balance have opted for a smart, plain black colour for their 2017 Elite Athletics Kit. This nicely contrasts the bright yellow shorts and makes the kit easily identifiable as most brands look to shine with brightly coloured singlets.

New Balance don’t tend towards the most extravagant of Elite Athletics Kit but they maintain simple and effective designs that are gaining ever more ground as they become one of the more favourable and beneficial sponsorships around for elite athletes.


2017 Elite Athletics Kit

In the past, like New Balance, Adidas have generally opted for the more plain approach. With last years black and white colour scheme being different but not awe inspiring, it may have been expected that the designers may venture out of their comport zone for the 2017 Elite Athletics Kit.

However, I must say I am – as most others are – very disappointed and humoured by the unimaginative and pretty desolate design for the 2017 elite edition of their sponsored kit.

Sporting a fully plain, bare dark blue kit throughout, it seems Adidas are of the belief that less is more, taking the minimalist approach that includes nothing but the odd one or two black stripes – the main indication of the Adidas brand.

2017 Elite Athletics Kit
The Adidas 2017 Elite Athletics Kit worn by Soratos

There is also a yellow version of th blue singlet which is worn by some of the US based Adidas athletes such as Chris O’Hare.

Unfortunately I do not believe that this has either gone down too well with those sponsored nor Adidas fans as it lacks flare or character to cause any disruption within the market.

In the past few days however, Adidas has released an updated design as a promotion of the Adidas sponsored Boston Boost Games. Here, the Dream Mike is held where limited edition Kit for this event was released.


2017 Elite Athletics Kit

Undoubtedly Nike are the main players in the athletics world. Having recently put on the Nike Prefontaine Classic at Hayward Field, they sponsor almost all the top runners and have the bets media teams out there.

This was clearly justified by the Breaking2 event which was probably the best promotional stunt in years and resulted in Eliud Kipchoge running 2:00:25. This got worldwide attention and coverage by millions of online viewers for a full two hours on not just the record attempt but also the brand, creating a storm in the media.

This translates through all of Nike’s involvement in athletics, from the shoes to the Elite Athletics Kit. It may be seen that I tend to adduce Nike more than other brands and speak highly of their triumphs, yet I feel this is justifiable by the quality and dominance which they maintain in the field.

With their 2017 Elite Athletics Kit, Nike have maintained their methodology of colour, style and bold patterns that draws the eye to the athletes on the track. On the most part the ‘general’ Nike sponsored athlete wears the baseline standard kit which this year is of a mix of blue, white and red bolts which all run away from the chest creating a cool effect of forward movement.

This singlet is accompanied with the standard half tights or split shorts that have been found over the last few years, this time in a dark navy blue.

Last year I did a similar post about the Nike 2016 Elite Athletics Kit where I detailed the differences in the kit’s design based on whether the athlete ran for a certain Nike sponsored team (e.g. Oregon Track Club) or either the previous years World/ Olympic champion or an Up and coming athlete who is one to watch.

This is no different for the 2017 Elite Athletics Kit which is customised for each team as follows.

2017 Elite Athletics Kit
OTC Elite Athletics Kit
2017 Elite Athletics Kit
Jordan Hassay in the NOP Kit

The reigning 2016 Olympic Champions again wear a variety of the basic blue, red and white colours. The likes of Mo Farah and Omar McLeod wear a gold, purple and blue variety of the same design, with an exterior gold highlight defining their successes.

2017 Elite Athletics Kit
Reigning Olympic Champion Kit from Nike

Finally, there is another orange variant which is worn by those athletes who are up and coming or ones to watch out for. Here you can see all variations of the Kit including the orange on the left.

2017 Elite Athletics Kit

Purchasing the 2017 Elite Athletics Kit

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Obviously and intentionally, on the most part, it is not possible for the average runner to purchase the 2017 Elite Athletics Kit – Adidas actually have made theirs available to the public the last few years. The sportswear companies are looking to give their athletes an incentive and bonus as part of the sponsorship which in this form comes with the free Elite Athletics Kit.

Although buying this Elite Athletics Kit from the companies themselves, it is possible to purchase select items through third party sellers like ‘TrackAndFieldClothes.’

This is a great, legitimate company that will ship worldwide; offering a wide range from all companies, with team kits and individual items of the 2017 Elite Athletics Kit.

The available items are found through their social media accounts that can be found below:

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