September 30, 2022

Alberto Salazar’s Response and Evidence

Salazar and Rupp remain in the firing line

The original allegations can be found here.

Here is an update on findings which were released after the initial BBC Panorama program.

As many of you who keep updated with the news will have seen, Alberto Salazar – the accused coach of the Nike Oregon Project of doping – has responded with his account of past events and his evidence against the allegations.

Although it has been a couple of weeks since the allegations were made and many complaints have been made against the time in which it has taken Salazar to respond, it is key at this point to note that it is well within his right to do this. It took over 7 months of investigating and research for the BBC and ProRepublica to make their accounts and allegations come to light, so understandably it will have taken a long time to collect the correct levels of information for Salazar to make his response.

When the response from Salazar was made public yesterday on the Nike Oregon Project website, it was clear why it took so long to formulate. The two part letter written by Salazar compromised of almost 12,000 words and included multiple emails and letters which he would use as first hand evidence against many of the allegations made against the practises used in the Nike run training group.

Alberto Salazar's Response
Alberto Salazar’s Response

If you read through the entire report, you will certainly gain a sense of anger which is inevitable with all the reports of wrongdoing against him. Throughout the whole letter, Salazar always condones a clean sport, saying “I believe in a clean sport and hard work and so do my athletes.”

One of the most interesting sections of his response is the evidence which has been complied which consistently contradicts the apparent ‘false’ claims made by both Adam and Kara Groucher in the BBC Panorama program. During the interviews with Kara Groucher, she claims that Salazar wanted her to lose lots of weight after her pregnancy. However, Salazar displays some quite clear cut evidence which far from corroborates what Groucher claimed, saying the opposite in fact, that she was in great shape and ready for the touch loads of speed work required in the build up to the World Championships.

This evidence which Salazar presents has been redacted, yet does clearly show emails between himself, Groucher and other members of the Oregon Project team, stating that Salazar believed she did not need to aggressively lose any more weight than she already had .

Another key piece of evidence which Salazar displayed was a letter from the doctor used by Salazar which clearly stated that Salazar had never requested him to supply and provide and of the banned substances which they were accused of using. Along with this comes more emails which state how the allegations against the use of TUE’s during the Daegu World Championships were not true as Salazar had requested magnesium treatment (which was not banned) to aid Galen Rupp in the extremely hot conditions.

Part 1 – Alberto Salazar Open Letter

Part 2 – Alberto Salazar Open Letter

With all of this new evidence which has come to light from Salazar, it makes it very hard to not believe what he is saying as it is clear from the emails what what has been said against him and the team is false. However, the whole idea of his response is to make you wholly believe this. This only sparks more questions and unknown answers to whether the allegations or Salazar’s case is the true one. The only thing which I still continue to question is the motive behind the comments made by the likes of the Groucher’s there is no reason or plausible cause for them to come out and lie and make up these allegations so I still believe that it will be a long time until we come to the end of this ongoing story despite Salazar’s convincing response.

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