September 30, 2022

Nike Zoom Victory 3 Spikes

Update – Nike Zoom Victory 3 Spikes Released

There has finally been a release for the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes along with the rest of the updated spike lineup which was used by the top runners at the Olympics. The Olympic ‘Unlimited’ colour way along with a new Nike 2017 spikes of a cobalt/ white/ black/ green colour have also been released.


Currently, these spikes are not available as of yet from Nike (only the Zoom Victory 2 Elite spikes are available on the Nike website). Instead, there are a couple of websites selling both the 2016 Olympic colours and the 2017 colours.

Nike 2017 Spikes colour way

The Olympic spikes – including the Zoom Victory 3 and Matumbo 3 distance spikes – are available from Road Runner Sports in America. The Unlimited Olympic colour way spikes are available below:

View the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes here.

View the Nike Zoom Victory  2 Elite spikes here.

View the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3 spikes here.

If you want to get your spikes ready for next year too, the 2017 colours have also been released in a darker, mainly black and blue colour. Personally I am not the biggest fan of these, preferring the Unlimited and white versions. However, these are now available to buy from

View the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes here or in the UK here.

View the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3 spikes here.

These new Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes are available for $125.00.

There has been much speculation over the past few years over when Nike are going to release a new version of the much loved Zoom Victory middle distance spikes. But it now looks like the Nike Zoom Victory 3 Spikes are making their way onto the production line as a finished version.

Nike have released two main new distance spikes. First, there is an updated new and improved Nike Zoom Victory 2 Elite spike which is similar to the currently available spikes. But the most highly anticipated Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes have also been released too (as well as the Matumbo 3 spikes which have a more supportive spike plate for the longer distances).

These spikes have evolved from the original versions – ones which are still seen as the best by many, shown by the fact they are still worn by Mo Farah – to the Victory 2 spikes which were officially debuted and released for the London Olympics way back in 2012. With there being very little change other than the various colour options and a few limited edition versions, Nike haven’t formally updated the design or technology used in their spikes.

Mo Farah still opts for the OG Victory spikes
Mo Farah still opts for the OG Victory spikes

Despite saying this, the latest Nike spikes have now been officially released, but only to the elite athletes.

Initially we had seen one or two selected athletes to test new pairs of spikes, such as Galen Rupp and Ciaran O’Lionaird. However, at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, the number of athletes wearing these spikes was significantly increased.

Charlie Grice's Victory 3's ready for Portland
Charlie Grice’s Victory 3s ready for Portland

In Portland, almost all Nike sponsored athletes were sporting a pair of the much anticipated Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes which have only previously been speculated over. Since this time, these spikes have now been rolled to most of the sponsored athletes.

Although these spikes, which I have previously talked here – this talks more about the development of the final version we are now seeing – are still not available to the general public, I believe the mass release of these spikes will follow suit with the Olympics, similar to what we saw with the Victory 2 editions in London.

Different Versions

During the development of these new spikes, different prototype versions were seen to be worn but the elites. Some have continued to adopt the Nike Flywire technology which supports the foot upon impact, whilst others look a bit more like the OG versions without this extra support.

A closer look at the version with the Flywire
A closer look at the version with the Flywire
These are the comparison version without the Flywire
These are the comparison version without the Flywire

There have always been a range of different, adapted versions of each pair of spikes which we have seen from Nike, and it is a possibility that these differences could be limited edition or promo versions. Despite these variations being seen throughout product testing by pro athletes, it seems that Nike have finalised the two versions to have no outer Flywire attachments.


As I talked extensively about in the post analysing the future of these spikes, the design has actually changed quite significantly from the Victory 2 versions. The upper material looks to have bee reduced in weight and size, opting for a thinner material which does not carry the same weight as the previous versions.

Nike are releasing two new spikes at the same time – the Nike Zoom Victory 3 and Nike Zoom Victory 2 Elite –  both of similar designs. The upper to these spikes is to be the same, with the differences being seen on the spikes plate to suit different preferences.

The changes to the spike plate are significant.  The new design has a rugged grip with moulded grooves alongside the removable pins for extra grip.

Currently, the differences between the Victory 3 spikes and the Victory 2 Elite spikes is reasonably unknown, however the main difference from pictures seen is the spike plate. The Victory 3 spikes have an almost fully moulded plate which stretches through and across the majority of the midfoot section (3/4 plate similar to that of the current Zoom Victory 2 spikes), whereas the Victory 2 has a more OG style spike plate coving mainly the forefoot section of the spike (1/4 plate).

As to whether or not the spike pins are removable on both the Victory 3 and Zoom Victory Elite 2 spikes is still currently unknown but it has been suggested that they are removable on the Victory 3.

New spike plate
New spike plate

This is slightly similar to the more heavily publicised Zoom Superfly Flyknit spikes, made specifically for Allyson Felix. On these spikes, the spike plate was 3D printed with moulded spikes deigned straight onto the plate without an option of recoverable pins. The Zoom Victory 3 plate looks to be similar design and manufacturing technique of 3D printing this spike plate.

Release and Overview

As of yet, there has been no specific release date, if any ever for these spikes to the general public. For all we know, Nike may only be intending to use these spikes promotionally for elite runners, however, with there being such interest from the general public, I see this to be quite unlikely.

Alongside this, the Rio Olympics is fast approaching and Nike will once more be looking to be the dominant sponsor of the games, getting their products out there and available to all.

The interest is certainly justifiable, in terms of looks, I certainly believe these spikes to be the best ones yet. Depending on your taste, you may prefer them with or without the Flyknit support across the sides, but either way they certain look to be the future of footwear in distance running.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 20.35.35


Nike have released their official Olympic footwear line up (read more about it here) where we have a conformation of the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes, along with an updated version of the Nike Zoom Victory 2 Elite spikes.

Olympic Nike Zoom Victory 3 Spikes

Alongside this ‘Unlimited’ collection release, there has finally been a confirmation of the release date of these spikes. At the Nike Unlimited London event, it was given that the whole range – including the Nike Zoom Victory 3 spikes.

Current Nike Zoom Victory 2 spikes:

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