June 30, 2022

Running Training Plan Template

Planning your training is one of the most important things to be successful at reaching your goal. This is sometimes not as easy as it sounds with things constantly changing such as weather and injuries. With this being the case, having an easily adaptable training plan is always important to keep on top of your training.

Another key thing which a lot of runners like to keep note of, is their weekly/ monthly milage. This is a good way to tracking progression and ensuring that you are not over/ under training for your specific event. This is significantly aided when writing a training plan as you can account for the duration of runs and sessions to ensure the right level of training occurs. You may also want to use pace calculators to work out the distances you will be running.

Training Plan Template

Here, I have created a template training plan which can be used by anyone. This is a basic 4 week plan – the duration can be edited to any length – which includes options to plan in for both morning and afternoon workouts. There is a downloadable copy of this training plan template which you can edit online yourself and then print off. I would suggest doing this online first so you can make quick adjustments easily to get the content correct.

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There is a sample plan for a low milage youth runner as an example, as well as a blank plan which you can download, print off and do whatever you feel is best with it. Another thing you may want to think about, is looking up pre planned training plans which you can manually add to this plan template. This means you will get the benefit of a coached plan but also the ability to tailor it specifically to your needs and add in extra sessions if you so wish to. These are available through websites such as Garmin Connect  and sent to your GPS watch.

  • Download the sample plan here.
  • Download the blank plan here.


  1. The links to download the templates don’t seem to be working any longer. Is there any chance to reconnect the links?

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