August 10, 2022

How to add run data overlay to an image for Social Media

Having a run data overlay on your pictures shared to social media platforms is becoming ever more popular within the running community. With social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram becoming ever more popular and relevant to our lives, people are using them to a much greater extent when sharing daily activities. With running, jogging and general exercise also taking a larger role in our lives, sharing this activity, whether it be a race or a workout has become a popular trend on these platforms, primarily Instagram.

Not only are people sharing images of them competing and exercising, but many also include the details of the activity itself as a run data overlay on top of the image. For some time I was unsure how these were being created but I have found that they can be made across most online fitness analysis platforms (e.g Nike+ and Strava) via the mobile applications.

Each platform is slightly different and has its own distinctive look with the most popular it seems on Instagram to be runs from the Nike+ app or Strava.

It is interesting to note that probably the biggest platform from a hardware producing company of Garmin is still lacking this feature. However, as most runners own a Garmin watch, you can integrate the data with the Nike+ app or Strava and then upload the activity to social media from there afterwards.

Update: Since writing this post, I have been made aware by reader Nick Rickard that Garmin have released an update allowing you to now add run data overlays to images post run to share to social media.

To see how this is done, Garmin have an online tutorial here.

Nike+ Run Club Run Data Overlay

A lot of new and recreational runners are yet to realm into the world of GPS running watches and still run with their phones. One of the obvious apps to use to still record your running is the Nike+ Run Club app (or Strava if you want a bit more data).

But going back to the Nike+ Run Club app, it offers an easy to use interface with the cool design and allure that Nike is renowned for offering. Therefore, uploading your workout post exercising is equally easy.

  1. Go for a run, upload a workout manually or import a workout via another platform/ partner (the Nike+ app offers synching via Garmin, TomTom, Wasoo and xID)
  2. View your run/ activity in the ‘Activity’ section of the app. Here you are able to access all of the data and stats from your run, but most importantly share it too.
  3. Press ‘Share Your Run’ at the bottom of the screen. Next you will have the option to either take a photo, use an existing photo from your camera roll, add a Nike poster as the background or just a display of the rite which you ran.
  4. Finally, you can choose how to have the data display as an overlay on the image (tap the image to turn the text black) and add Nike specific stickers as well as the run data overlay which is a nice feature; then you can share to all major social media platforms.


Strava Run Data Overlay

Strava works slightly different to the Nike+ Run Club app when sharing images and adding  run data overlay to share to social media.

The crucial difference is the fact that you have to add an image first to the activity before attempting to share it to social media as you cannot take or use a pre existing image at this stage.

  1. Go for a run, upload a workout manually or import a workout via another platform/ partner.
  2. View your activity in either the News Feed or on your profile, this is where you can upload a photo from either your camera roll or take one to add to the activity by pressing the camera button on the right of the screen.
  3. With photos uploaded, you can now share the activity with an image overlay of the data, or if no photos are added you can share the route you ran.

Sadly, there is very little level of customisation here, with a set position, colour and data unlike that of what the Nike+ Run Club app offers.


TomTom Sports Run Data Overlay

TomTom recently introduced a new mobile app for analysing and viewing activities which have been recorded on a TomTom device. This app has had a complete design overhaul and with that has added the ability to add run data overlays onto image to then share.

The TomTom Sports app works very similar to that of the Nike+ Run Club app, here is how to create your own TomTom Sports image with run data overlay.

  1. Go for a run or upload an activity manually (you cannot import activities from other devices) on the TomTom Sports app.
  2. When viewing the activity under the ‘Activities’ section of the app, press the upper right hand button to share the photo.
  3. Here, like on the Nike+ Run Club app you have the option to take a photo or upload an existing one for the run data overlay to be on top of.
  4. Finally, the data from the run is put as an overlay where you can alter the position and overlay, however there is still a lack of options to choose what data is shown.
  5. Another thing to note about the TomTom Sports app’s options for adding run data overlay, is that you can also add option text to the image before sharing.



These are just a few options which you can play around with when looking to add an image to social media platforms such as Instagram when you want to have some run data overlay on top of an image.

Some are better than others – for me, the Nike+ Run Club app certainly does it best with thew most options for customisation – but all do the job and as most people now upload their workouts to Strava, this also anther great option.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Strava no longer supports direct sharing to your Instagram feed sadly. I got an email months ago and ignored it hoping it wouldn’t happen but it seems July 1 was the day as I have tried to share with overlay today with no luck 🙁

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