September 26, 2021

Adidas Adios Boost 2 – Review

September 20, 2015 Edward Anders 0

With the track season over and more and more miles being put in for the much anticipated winter season, I have been paying more interest into the technology and running gear side of things. This

Diamond League: Brussels

September 14, 2015 Edward Anders 0

The Brussels Diamond League was the least of the fourteen long series for this 2015 season. With the World Championships finished and many athletes coming to the end of their seasons, it was the last

More Mile Beast Foam Roller Review

September 11, 2015 Edward Anders 0

The correct term for what we all know to be foam rolling is, ‘Self-myofascial release.’ This is an action by which an athlete can help release tight muscles from a self administrated deep tissue release.

Diamond League: Zurich

September 4, 2015 Edward Anders 0

I was very unlucky to actually be away and miss almost the entirety of the World Championships, being updated only by Twitter. This was a shame because I would miss out on some great live