June 20, 2018

Nike 2016 Elite Athletics Kit

May 28, 2016 Edward Anders 0

Recently, the Nike 2016 Elite Athletics Kit has been released for sponsored athletes for the coming track season. Nike have started debuting this new kit in the big marathons early on the year, with the

Nike Dri-Fit Speed Trouser Review

February 21, 2016 Edward Anders 0

Having this blog primarily based around sports technology and equipment, I have also decided to do a range of reviews on clothing as well. Recently, I looked into get new tracksuit bottoms which would get

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

February 5, 2016 Edward Anders 2

Overview Since the release of the Garmin Forerunner 235, it has made its way to become the market leader in GPS running watches. Specifically, the addition of the optical heart rate monitor allowed Garmin to

Garmin Forerunner 225 – Neon Green

October 12, 2015 Edward Anders 0

Update 13.11.2015 I Have done some more research and found that it is possible to order this watch from Taiwan from a 3rd Party seller. This seems like a very legitimate website with positive reviews, not

More Mile Beast Foam Roller Review

September 11, 2015 Edward Anders 0

The correct term for what we all know to be foam rolling is, ‘Self-myofascial release.’ This is an action by which an athlete can help release tight muscles from a self administrated deep tissue release.

Garmin Vivosmart Review

June 29, 2015 Edward Anders 0

It was about a week ago now that I wrote a review regarding the online fitness data website of Garmin Connect. On this, I looked at the way in which you can interact and analyse

Garmin Connect Review

June 17, 2015 Edward Anders 0

The market for health and fitness is certainly at its highest it has ever been. The more recent focus has been upon activity trackers and health apps to monitor you everyday fitness and movement, but

Nike Oregon Project Clothing

June 13, 2015 Edward Anders 0

Nike Oregon Project Clothing is a selection of rare Nike products which are branded with Nike distance project the ‘Oregon Project’ logo. I purchased a couple of items off the Nike Oregon Project website last

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